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How to crouch in Tower of Fantasy

Reduce speed to get a low grade.



You can practically run anywhere you want in Tower of Fantasy, but there are times when stealth and dexterity are more useful. Crouching allows you to avoid being seen by enemies and escape from dangerous situations in combat. Learn the proper crouching technique for Tower of Fantasy right here.

Crouching technique for the Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy for PC, pressing Z will cause the player to crouch, and pressing it again will cause them to stand up. As a mobile user, you’ll need to take an additional action. Activate Preferences by going to the main menu. To activate Crouch, go to the bottom of the screen to the Basic submenu and click Control Preferences. You will now see a small crouching icon in the corner of your screen as you move around the open world. Crouching is activated by tapping it, and standing up again triggers a similar animation.

In a crouch, your normal walking speed will be reduced significantly. This greatly reduces the noise you make as you move, making it easier to sneak past sleeping enemies. Further, if you sneak up on your foes by attacking while crouching, you’ll deal significant damage. If you want to do more damage than if you just ran in with your weapons blazing, this is the way to go, but it still might not be enough to kill them in one blow.

It’s up to you to decide if having to stoop and move so slowly is worthwhile. While some players prefer to rush the enemy with all their powers, others, who are more methodical and take their time, may fare better if they sneak up on them.