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How long will Trump’s post-FBI raid rally last?

President Donald Trump is being handled well by the media. He has been made out to be honest and a real man of justice, when in fact he’s done shady business ever since his start as a real estate dev



and now that he is no longer president “Republican South Dakota governor Kristi Noem made the comment on Twitter. That’s a very un-American way to make use of the criminal justice system.

After the raid, Trump claimed his legal team had been “cooperating fully” and that his compliance had been “fine, better than that of most previous Presidents.” He also claimed the raid had come “out of nowhere and with no warning.”

When the warrant and list of confiscated property are made public, they will put some of these claims to the test. The other Republicans will have to reevaluate whether or not they want to back off their support for Trump.

“Didn’t Trump once famously say that the Fifth Amendment isn’t necessary if you have nothing to hide?” After former President Obama was removed from office by New York Attorney General Letitia James, a seasoned Republican operative in Washington, DC, asked. A party operative voiced concern that Trump’s legal woes could eventually hurt the Republican Party.



Meanwhile, most Republicans in Congress and across the country stuck by Trump through two impeachments and a slew of controversies. After the riot in the Capitol on January 6, Republican lawmakers who voted for Trump’s second impeachment face tough primary challenges.

The second Republican strategist I spoke with agreed that Trump is the party’s most influential figure. But, as the saying goes, “the other shoe has yet to drop.”

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Author (initially): W. James Antle III

Where: How long will Trump’s Republican rally be after the FBI raid?