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Here’s how to complete the Antonio Rüdiger FIFA 22: Player Moments SBC and collect The Hero

I’m FIFA 22 Player Moments SBC is now live! Antonio Rüdiger is on his way to Real Madrid, and here’s what you need to know to get this pack.



Now in the FIFA 23 Pre-Season, you can participate in the Antonio Rüdiger FIFA 22 Player Moments SBC.

This summer, Real Madrid acquired Rüdiger from Chelsea for the price of a UEFA Champions League title in 2021. Therefore, in the final weeks of FIFA 22, EA Sports released a special 97-rated item honoring the German central defender’s transfer as an SBC..Number @ManCity’s 9 leads the line for this year’s #OnestoWatch. Get a Ones to Watch player when you pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition before September 29. Twitter: /r/EA SPORTS FIFA Friday, August 23, 2022

It was Antonio Rüdiger. A Step-by-Step Guide to Finishing FIFA 22’s Player Moments SBC

Step-by-step instructions on how to finish the FIFA 22 Moments Challenge SBC Segment 1 with Antonio Rüdiger

In reference to Real Madrid Players: Minimum of a 1 Squad Rating of 86 and a Team Chemistry Score of 60


The team consists of 11 players.

Small Rare Mixed-Player Pack, Part 2: Germany (REWARD) Minimum Required: 1 IF or TOTS Player The required minimum rating for a winning squad is 87.

There are eleven members of the squad, and their chemistry scores a 55.

Premium Assortment of LaLiga Santander Players, Stage 3 REWARD Requires Minimum of 1 Top-Rated Squad and 50 Top-Rated Players on Your Team

Eleven men make up the squad.


PRIZE: An Uncommon Collection of Different Players

In comparison to the other Pre-Season content that has been released, Rüdiger is reasonably priced.

If a player is short on high-rated fodder for the two major segments, they can always try the limited-repeatable 85 x10 Upgrade pack.