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Giant Slide reopened in the US for the first time since going viral

Thousands of people showed up to the Giant Slide in Detroit on the first weekend it reopened since going viral.



To wit: (CBS DETROIT) Massive crowds visited Detroit’s Giant Slide on its reopening weekend after it went viral.

Videos depicted people racing down the slide and launching into the air.

Last weekend got off to a rough start, but by Friday everything was sliding smoothly.

According to Diamond Turner, “my heart was in my feet” as she climbed the stairs.

After trying it out, Turner’s emotions may still be in her feet.


When asked if she was afraid, Turner responded, “Yes, very terrified.”

“In a word, it was thrilling. A lot of fun, “Antonia DeBerry remarked.

DeBerry claimed he had seen the online sensations. He was unfazed by it. It only encouraged him to show up even more.

For him, “it ain’t that bad,” so he felt compelled to challenge it.

Small modifications, including the addition of water to slow down the slide, were made, so things shouldn’t be too bad.


The Giant Slide brought back happy memories for many.

Joy Jackson, a former slide rider, recalls fondly how much fun she had as a kid.

“Don’t let the kid die,” she pleaded.

After Labor Day, the Giant Slide will be closed permanently, so be sure to take advantage of it this weekend from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.