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Getting Tower of Fantasy ready for controller support

Form a triangle shape with the palms of your hands and start to slowly rotate them.



Tower of Fantasy has the potential to keep players engrossed in the world of Aida for days, so a familiar and straightforward control scheme is essential. Even though it’s only available on PC and mobile, you can still use a controller pretty much all the time. Here is how to use a controller with Tower of Fantasy, along with all the features it unlocks.

Gameplay instructions for Tower of Fantasy with a controller

Tower of Fantasy does not prompt the player to select their preferred control scheme, but any USB- or Bluetooth-enabled controller can be used with the game. The massively multiplayer online game is compatible with a wide variety of gamepads, such as the PlayStation DualSense and DualShock 4, as well as the official Xbox One and Series X/S gamepads. Connect it to your computer or mobile device while playing the game, and see if the buttons and controls work.

But in-game menus and tabs will not work with controller support. You’ll have to use the keyboard or touch screen controls to access features like chatting and customizing the app’s settings. The controller ought to be able to carry out the vast majority of the game’s other functions. Its one and only setting allows players complete freedom of movement, access to all weapons and Relics, use of the summoning wheel, and the operation of any vehicle. There’s a chance that this method of play, while currently restricted, will expand in the near future. If the future additions hinted at by the Controller tab of the Settings menu are any indication, we can expect more layouts and customization options.

You should still be able to defeat foes and accomplish missions with the current button layouts. You should also apply your new knowledge at the Training Centers. Use these at your own pace to master the controls and earn Training Points toward better gear.