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Game of Thrones fans may have an exciting new hero on the way, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

DOTA: Dragon Blood Book 3 has been released and the series is likely over, and it may have introduced a new character in Dota 2. A new DOTA: Dragon Blood character could be the next new hero.



DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 3 has been published, indicating that the series is likely done. It might have featured a new character who could be Dota 2’s upcoming new hero.

The animated series based on one of Valve’s most well-known games will not be further promoted, the company has made it clear. Valve was unable to tweet about it. But it doesn’t preclude it from drawing some inspiration from the show, as was the case with Marci, the most current Dota 2 hero.

Marci was one of a number of unique characters from the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood series who were up for inclusion in the game. Although Fymryn and Kaden haven’t yet been included, there is a canonical reason why Marci is playing the game while others aren’t. This also creates a path for a potential new Dota 2 hero to emerge.

Warning: Warning: DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 3 spoilers ahead.

The following brand-new Dota 2 hero may be Filomena.


This could sound unusual to people who haven’t yet watched DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s third season. However, there’s a significant probability that Filomena, the Invoker’s daughter, will be the upcoming Dota 2 hero.

A young adult version of Filomena eventually takes on the role of the main character in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 3. She creates an intriguing contribution to Dota 2 canon as part of her adventure.

What makes a person a hero as opposed to a creep? This hadn’t really been investigated or debated at all, but the show actually offers a concise justification for the distinction. It’s specifically a question of how the Ancients affect individuals.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2 established that when a portion of an Ancient comes into contact with a dragon, the dragon becomes sentient. The third book adds the caveat that other animals aren’t quite as fortunate. Most of the time, any form of creature that comes into contact with an Ancient turns into a zombie. Slugs, bunnies, and people all join a hivemind that reflexively attacks and devours anything that isn’t a part of that hivemind. This holds true for both the Radiant and Dire Ancients.

This suggests that creeps are by their very nature. Heroes are expressly said to be immune to this; examples of such Dota 2 heroes include Phantom Lancer, Windranger, Tiny, and Axe. As a result of finding a piece of the Radiant Ancient and remaining unscathed, Filomena has the potential to become a Dota 2 hero.


Additionally, it is revealed that Filomena possesses some unique abilities. She can summon using Quas, Wex, and Exort orbs, and she appears to have brought to life a stuffed animal to be her friend. Filomena has the potential to be the next Dota 2 hero, but should Valve decide to go in a different direction, she would also work well as an Invoker hero persona or arcana skin.

A new character from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood might be the game’s next new hero, according to