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Fortnite launched a Dragon Ball-themed gaming mode in late June and announced an exclusive collaboration with the slayer

Japanese Dragon Balls may finally make him unstoppable.



About a year and a half after its initial partnership with Naruto, Fortnite is teaming up with yet another popular anime. Epic has confirmed the long-rumored crossover between Fortnite and the massively popular Dragon Ball series for August 16.

The partnership was announced on Twitter with a picture of Shenron, the dragon who grants wishes after collecting all seven Dragon Balls, perched atop the Reality Tree.

Epic has not yet announced the full scope of their collaboration, but data miners suggest it will be significant. Dataminers have speculated that Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus, plus another character, will be joining the battle royale. The current season will end next month, and leaks suggest that the collaboration will feature seven weeks’ worth of challenges. This could be a great time to level up your battle pass.

High-profile crossovers are nothing new for Fortnite, but Epic has been hammering them home this season. The infamous Darth Vader is the main attraction of Season 3’s third chapter and a boss in the game. Epic also released new Naruto skins and challenges shortly after the premiere of the current season, and then they added Indiana Jones as a playable character shortly after that. Earlier this week, the majority of the previously removed Marvel skins returned to the item shop.