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Flash flooding from the storm is a big issue, it causes many problems in recent states

A heat wave is building in parts of the South and Western region as flash flooding targets several Western states.



The South and West are experiencing a new heat wave, and several Western states are expecting flash flooding.

The states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi have all issued heat advisories.

On Monday, the heat index (how hot it actually is) is expected to reach a scorching 106 degrees in Jackson, Mississippi, 100 degrees in New Orleans and Houston, 103 degrees in Dallas, and 104 degrees in Austin, Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Oklahoma City.

The West Coast is also under a heat advisory.

Expect highs of 108 in Bakersfield and Fresno, 105 in Sacramento, and 110 in Redding on Wednesday in California. Also, Oregon and Washington can expect temperatures in the 100s.


During the same time period, flash flooding hit drought-stricken Texas, dumping 5–10 inches of rain on already parched ground.

On Sunday, 2.29 inches of rain fell in Corpus Christi, setting a new daily record.

Arizona received as much as 4 inches of rain over the weekend, causing flash flooding that washed out roads on Sunday.

On this Monday morning, four states, from Texas to Colorado, are on flood alert.

The monsoon rains have stopped for the time being in Arizona, but the same system that caused flooding in Corpus Christi will bring more rain to Arizona by the weekend.