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Find the Tower of Fantasy in the Pinnacle Mountains

Progress has its benefits.



Tower of Fantasy’s narrative is complex and will require a significant time commitment. Still, doing so grants not only access to the expanded world map and a plethora of activities to grind for materials and currency, but also so-called plot rewards. There is a treasure chest full of free rewards waiting for you when you complete certain story objectives in each chapter. Following these steps will allow you to retrieve your Tower of Fantasy plot reward chests.

Location for Redeeming Story Rewards

Accessing the Story page, where you can redeem story rewards, can be done in a few different ways.

You can access these options from the Terminal’s main menu: Navigate to Terminal from the main menu. By clicking this, you’ll be taken to a screen with links to the game’s sub-sections, such as the Chronicles, Missions, and Stories.

All these pages have incentives, but for now, all you need to do is click the Story button down here. This will take you to the Story page, where a summary of your story progress thus far will appear, as well as a line of colored and greyed-out chests in the page’s bottom right corner.


Any chest of a given hue represents a reward that can currently be claimed from the plot.

When you visit Gold Nuclei: Selecting Gold Nuclei will bring up a submenu from which you can select the Story page. There is a list of options for “How to Obtain” down below the explanatory text.

Launch the Story page by selecting “Terminal – Story – Story Rewards” in the terminal. From there, proceed as described in the previous bullet.

Motives for the plot

Gold Nuclei, Gold, Potent Omnium crystals, and Dark Crystals are just some of the currencies and upgrade materials that can be earned as a result of completing quests. Tower of Fantasy has increasingly valuable rewards the further you get into the story, so it’s important to grab them whenever you can.