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FAA has alerted that delays are happening due to staffing issues in the New York Airport

This unexpectedly mild summer weather may be great for people who want a little sun and freedom from the oppressive heat, but for travelers just arriving in or leaving the city this evening, expect d



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Despite being the middle of August, New York City enjoyed bright sunshine and mild temperatures on Monday. But, Expect delays if you have a flight to or from New York City this evening.

The FAA is taking the unusual step of proactively warning passengers about delays due to a problem that is becoming more common in this pandemic era: staffing issues, which the FAA warned could cause delays of up to two hours Monday evening:

Due to staffing levels tonight, the FAA will have to limit air traffic in some New York City-area airspace to ensure everyone’s safety. John F. Kennedy International, New York LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty International airports may see departure and arrival delays of up to two hours this evening. Travelers should expect delays and check for the latest information. Before making travel plans, it is recommended that you contact the airline directly.

Extreme summer weather, which can close off certain arrival and departure routes in what is already the nation’s most congested airspace, is often to blame for these types of delays in and around New York.


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Certain flights out of New York City’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) were grounded as of 6 p.m. ET on Monday due to a lack of staff. When flights that are supposed to land at the airport are delayed at their departure airport, it is called a ground stop. Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia both implemented ground delay programs, which slowed traffic (EWR).

The FAA has stated that the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center in Ronkonkama, New York, on Long Island, is experiencing a staffing shortage. The ZNY facility is an en-route facility that regulates traffic coming into and leaving from airports on the western side of the New York metropolitan area.

The FAA has pushed back hard on complaints from airline executives and other stakeholders that air traffic control is understaffed, even responding to a staff memo written by former United Airlines COO Jon Roitman about delays in and around Newark. The agency has also admitted that it has had staffing problems in the past, most notably at another en route facility located near Jacksonville, Florida.

More: The FAA has promised to cooperate with Florida’s airlines in order to reduce the state’s chronic air traffic delays.


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