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ESPN and the Big Ten have both said they will not renegotiate their contracts, meaning that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will be stuck with only three conference members

ESPN and the Big Ten conflict



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It’s okay, ESPN, your parents still love you, but you’ll be staying with someone else for the time being. The Big Ten and ESPN are reportedly breaking up, a move that came as a surprise to no one. The network’s Saturday schedule will now be shared by FOX, CBS, and NBC.

In this episode, Dan Wetzel is joined by Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger to discuss the fallout of Big Ten football (and basketball) falling off the global leaderboard. They break down the positives for the Pac-12, the negatives for college hoops, and how Notre Dame should feel about it all.

Later, Pat interrupts to report that football coach Bob Stoops and basketball coach John Calipari of Kentucky have been at odds over which sport is more exceptional. (43:30)

The guys wrap up the show by discussing a Loch Ness sighting that turned out to be more mundane in nature and the Japanese man who was arrested for dating too many women. (51:10)


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