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Elon Musk’s ‘Sex Tape’ Joke Sparks Hilarious Memes

Musk continued to troll Twitter with the release of his “sex tape” online, which led his followers to reply with their own risqué jokes.



With the release of his “sex tape” on Twitter, Elon Musk unwittingly set off a flood of dad jokes and puns.

Although he is currently embroiled in a legal case with Twitter, Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk uses the social media platform to regularly share memes. There’s been a joke war going on in the comments of one of his recent posts, and dozens of his followers have joined in.

Musk uses Twitter to make business announcements as well as personal ones, such as when he mentions his children, promotes cryptocurrency, or challenges Kim Jong Un and Putin to a fight. Among his more than 103 million followers, Musk is an active user of the social media site.

Musk said deadpan, “But have you seen my sex tape?” on Thursday night. Two rolls of tape formed the numbers “69” in the accompanying image.

Some 260,800 people liked the tweet, and thousands more commented and retweeted it, so clearly the double entendre struck a chord with readers. After that, the comment section was flooded with one-liners, many of which were simply literal translations of famous sayings.


Well, that stinks, said @DealinRugs, accompanied by an illustration of a well and a vacuum cleaner. @ImVatsalya17 said, “Think about that for a second.” With a picture of a phone case resting on cash, @AdedipedavidDam concluded, “well on that note, I rest my case” as a bathroom sink tried to break into a house.

, and with that, I submit my case for consideration. — selfmade NG August 12, 2022 (@AdedipedavidDam)

With a screenshot of the word “situation” resting under the Ctrl key on a keyboard, @kingB yarz assured his followers that everything was under control.

Everything is calm now picture.

Destroy anything with lenge lenge: (@kingB yarz) On August 12th, 2022,


Not everyone found the humor to their liking, and many spoke up to express their displeasure. Likes were fairly evenly distributed among the various humorous posts.

Musk tweeted the joke between business announcements for his SpaceX company. The businessman showed off an image of his Starship B7 rocket taking off and wrote, “About to attempt long duration engine firing to test autogenous pressurization.”

Musk also showed off a Mars mockup, implying that such a facility could one day be built.

The CEO of Tesla, who has recently been criticized for selling $6.9 billion of shares in his own company, took to Twitter to explain why he will no longer do so. The billionaire said, “It is important to avoid an emergency sale of Tesla stock in the (hopefully unlikely) event that Twitter forces this deal to close *and* some equity partners don’t come through.”

For their part, Twitter’s current owners have filed suit against Musk in an effort to compel him to complete the purchase of the company he had planned to make before backing out. Musk has stated that he would re-buy additional Tesla stock if he is not compelled to acquire Twitter.


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