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Edwin Diaz returns to his walkout music again

Mets closer Edwin Diaz makes batters look silly and his “Narco” walkout song goes viral multiple times during the 2022 MLB season.



Throughout the 2022 MLB season, New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz has gained widespread attention for both his ability to make batters look foolish and for his signature “Narco” walkout song, which was written by Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet and inspires fans to stand up and cheer and has at least one couple reconsidering their choice of wedding reception entrance song.

Edwin Dáz, Overlay/Slow, 102 mph Fastball, 91 mph Slider. It isn’t really fair for Dáz to close for deGrom. — Rob Friedman (Pitching Ninja, Twitter) 8 August 2022

It might be best to declare the game over once the trumpets start and Edwin Diaz enters the field: @SNYtv — CBS Sports on August 8, 2022 (@CBSSports).

According to ESPN statistics, Diaz has 26 saves this season and was tied for third in MLB overall as of Friday. He also had a 1.39 ERA and 0.86 WHIP. The 28-year-old, however, wasn’t always popular among New Yorkers as he originally had great difficulty after being dealt from the Seattle Mariners to the Mets at the conclusion of the 2018 season.

According to Matt Monagan of the MLB website, Diaz had his worst season ever in 2019 with a 5.59 ERA, seven losses, and seven blown saves. It may have been a coincidence that the right-hander was using Miky Woodz’s “No Hay Limite” during walkouts that year, but the next offseason, he received some wise counsel from a close friend.


Regarding the entrance tune he previously used with Seattle, Diaz said, “My wife advised me, ‘Hey, you should use that trumpet song’.” And I responded, “OK, let’s go.”

As they say, the rest is history. Throughout 2022, Diaz has dominated batters to the point where Anthony DiComo of the MLB website just called him a contender for the National League Cy Young Award.

I suppose I could respond “yes.” When asked if “Narco” helped him change his luck, Diaz responded with laughter.

There have been rumors that Blasterjaxx and Trumpet may visit Citi Field in the future to perform their hit in front of the Mets’ supporters and see Diaz pitch, if he pitches that day, of course.

Diaz said to Monagan, “Oh man, if they can play the trumpet as I walk in, that would be fun.”


Mets, make it so.

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