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Dr. Oz demands five debates as Fetterman slowly returns to campaign trail

Dr. Mehmet Oz has challenged John Fetterman to five moderated debates, knocking his Democratic opponent for being largely absent from the Senate campaign trail despite experiencing a stroke in May.



The Democratic candidate for the Senate, John Fetterman, has been criticized by Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has challenged him to five moderated debates. Dr. Oz has criticized his opponent for being largely absent from the campaign trail since May, when he suffered a stroke.

Oz has been vocal in his criticism of Fetterman for taking time away from the Senate to focus attention on the Democrat’s health and raise doubts about his ability to serve out his full term. The request for a debate arrives on the same day that Fetterman will hold his first public rally since his stroke in Erie, Pennsylvania.

After being off the trail for two months, Felderman claims he is in good health and has “nothing to hide.”

I have signed on to participate in five statewide moderated debates in the state of Pennsylvania. Oz tweeted on Friday that “Fetterman has agreed to 0.” Fetterman, please make your presence known. Candidates in Pennsylvania should make themselves available to voters.

According to NBC News, Fetterman’s campaign said he was willing to debate, but did not say how many or whether he would accept Oz’s conditions. More so, a campaign spokesperson wrote off Oz’s challenge as “an obvious and pathetic attempt to change the subject during yet another bad week.”


Rebecca Katz, a campaign strategist for Fetterman, told the outlet, “John is up for debating Oz — but we’re not going to do this on Oz’s terms.” “Dr. Oz, as a multimillionaire celebrity, is probably used to getting his way by bullying those less powerful than himself,” but John Fetterman is not going to back down.

After Republicans have spent weeks questioning Fetterman’s fitness for office due to his health, Friday’s event will be the first time supporters can evaluate his recovery. Just over two months ago, after the Democrat suffered a stroke in mid-May, Fetterman was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition that causes the heart muscle to become weak and enlarged.

Later admitting he “almost died,” Fetterman was hospitalized just days before winning the Senate nomination in Pennsylvania, a pivotal swing state in the upcoming November midterm elections. He insists, however, that the incident will not prevent him from serving in the Senate.

The swelling in Fetterman’s feet in 2017 led to the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm. His failure to return for a follow-up appointment as instructed within a few months instead brought him back five years after his initial diagnosis, prompting concerns about the Democrat’s fitness to run in a highly contested Senate race.

In his first interview since his stroke, which took place in late July, Fetterman said he has “nothing to hide” and “no physical limits.” During an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the 52-year-old candidate spoke at length about his recent health improvements, including the fact that he now walks four to five miles per day despite temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, his ability to correctly understand spoken words, and the fact that he has not suffered any memory loss.



While Fetterman hasn’t been actively campaigning, he still has a sizable lead over Oz in the polls, thanks in large part to the media attention given to the social media ads he’s been running against his Republican opponent. One showed Nicole “Snooki” LaValle, a former cast member of Jersey Shore, standing next to Fetterman and criticizing Oz for his longtime residence in the state of New Jersey.

With the retirement of Republican Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) and the Democrats’ goal of maintaining or increasing their Senate majority, the Senate race in Pennsylvania has been labeled a toss-up by nonpartisan election analysts.

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Dr. Oz wants five debates, and Fetterman is only just getting back out there.