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Does Rumbleverse have crossplay and cross-progression? Answered

Can you and your friends play Rumbleverse on different consoles?



The upcoming popular battle royale game, Rumbleverse, was created by Iron Galaxy and released by Epic Games. Does Rumbleverse feature crossplay and cross-progression? is the one question that every gamer has, just like it is with many other well-known online multiplayer games. Cross-platform compatibility has become less of a nice bonus and more of a need in AAA multiplayer games. Regardless of the console we use to play, we all like playing online with our buddies. But even though it has a limited budget, does Rumbleverse have crossplay and cross-progression functionality?

Do crossplay and cross-progression exist in Rumbleverse?

The game’s crossplay and availability across consoles are covered in the Rumbleverse website’s Frequently Asked Questions page. Crossplay for the game will be available on all platforms, according to the first response on the page. “PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 with crossplay enabled,” reads the response.

This implies that regardless of the platform you use to play Rumbleverse, you can always play the game with your friends on another one. You can play an online game against a friend who is using an Xbox Series X if you’re using a PlayStation 4. Additionally, the game will support cross-progression, which enables the transfer of all content and progress between versions of the game on other platforms. For instance, you can play Rumbleverse on PC with the same cosmetics and currency that you have on your PS5 copy. However, you must connect your Epic Games Account with every copy of the game you possess.

In the battle royale game Rumbleverse, hand-to-hand combat takes precedence above shooting. The cartoonish design of the game is directly influenced by professional hand-to-hand entertainment sports like Lucha Libre, Pro Wrestling, and others. The game was made available on August 11 and is available for free.