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Denver Broncos name Damani Leech as recent executive

NFL executive Damani Leech was named as the new president of the Denver Broncos.



The new owners of the Denver Broncos have already begun making changes to the team’s upper management. Damani Leech, formerly of the NFL, was named president of the team on Thursday.

Leech has been in the sports industry for quite some time. He played college sports at Princeton and went on to work for the NCAA after graduating. Before starting his career in the NFL in 2015, Leech worked for the NCAA for 17 years. Leech’s original title was “vice president, football strategy and business development,” which he held for a while. The year 2018 marked his ascension to the position of senior vice president of football strategy and business development. Leech served as NFL International’s chief operating officer for three years.

Greg Penner, the new team owner and CEO, released a statement in which he praised Leech’s standing in the industry.

“Damani’s leadership, strategic vision, and willingness to work with others have earned him widespread respect in the National Football League. Damani knows the importance of teamwork and what it takes to win, both on and off the field, as he is a former college player with executive experience at the NFL and NCAA levels. He is a leader who is honest, compassionate, and worthy of respect. With Damani at the helm, I know the Broncos will flourish in every facet of the business and earn the respect and admiration of our employees, sponsors, and fans.”

With this new position, Leech joins the ranks of only two other Black NFL team presidents. After being hired in 2020, Jason Wright became the first president of the Washington Commanders. In July, Sandra Douglass Morgan was appointed president of the Las Vegas Raiders.


The hiring of Leech follows the recent sale of the Broncos to a group headed by Walmart heir Rob Walton.