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Dad got in trouble for bribing Georgetown coach

Robert Repella was sentenced for bribing a Georgetown University tennis coach. When he agreed to pay Gordon Ernst, a former pharmaceutical executive, at least $120,000 he signed the deal his daughter



A month in prison was requested by prosecutors who claimed he “took an active role in the scheme by initiating emails and meetings with Ernst.”

A lawyer for Repella claimed in court documents that Repella’s daughter was academically and athletically qualified to attend Georgetown University and play varsity tennis there.

According to Repella’s lawyer, Ernst told his client that he had to donate to the tennis program if he wanted his daughter to play there, and that he should write blank checks to ensure that the money went where it was supposed to.

Repella’s lawyer, Robert Fisher, stated in court documents, “This was an instance of a dad being presented with an extra price tag — which he was fortunate enough to be able to afford — and making the poor decision to pay it.”

In 2020, Repella admitted guilt on charges of mail fraud conspiracy and honest services fraud. Identity theft via the mail.


Former coach for the Obamas, Jonathan Ernst, was found guilty of taking bribes totaling over $3 million and sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison in July for his role in facilitating the fraudulent enrollment of children of the wealthy. When compared to the other sentences handed down in this monumental case, Ernst’s is by far the longest.

In November, Singer will receive his sentence. After secretly recording his conversations with parents and athletic coaches and assisting authorities in building the massive case, he pleaded guilty to several felonies.

The “Operation Varsity Blues” case, which made headlines in March 2019, resulted in the convictions of more than 50 people.

The investigation’s final defendant to go to trial was found not guilty of all charges. Former President Trump pardoned one defendant, and a third defendant reached a deal that will likely result in the dismissal of his case.