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Cult Survivor Backed for Telling Sister She Was Just Like Kidnapper Dad

“It sounds like you are happy and secure in being who you want to be. It’s not your fault that she can’t see or accept that,” one user said.



Responses from Redditors

“[Not that one] Everything you said was accurate. Before, she wouldn’t pay attention to you. A verbal slap in the face with reality is sometimes necessary to attract someone’s attention “Over 10,000 upvotes were given to the top comment by user u/letsdoitforthememes.

“Without a doubt [not the a**hole]. You come across as being content and secure in who you are. She can’t see or accept that, and it’s not your responsibility. According to u/HerbertMcDerbert, “For her to create a Tinder profile for her happily married sister (and even chat up guys as you) is wrong on so many levels & crosses so many lines that I can’t even find the right word for my disgust. It almost feels like she is overcompensating for the lifestyle you had growing up, while you’ve found your middle ground.”

[Not that one] What you want to do with your life is entirely up to you. Not your sister, not your father, not even. Although you gave individuals a harsh reality check, sometimes people need to be treated with tough love “TheOtherMe83 made a remark.


“[Not that one] Just like your father did, your sister is attempting to impose her ideas of what a woman ought to be. You came across yourself. You’ve prepared yourself for success and built the life you desire, not the one that other people are attempting to impose on you. I’m glad you were able to process your pain and discover your voice “explained by u/SheepherderWild3578

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