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Cookbooks and recipes for everything in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy’s open world layout and features were undoubtedly influenced by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are numerous similarities between the two games, such as scaling rocks to observe the vast landscape around you and fighting in combat with a horde of foes that are always lurking around. The Tower of Fantasy culinary system, which requires you to gather ingredients to prepare meals at cooking stations scattered across the open area, is another simple connection. The ingredients needed to make each recipe in Tower of Fantasy are listed below.

Within Tower of Fantasy, each recipe

Recipes for common meals in Tower of Fantasy

Special Cactus – Two Ball Cactus

Two grilled sand onions on a charcoal grill


Fried Eggs with Two Poultry Eggs, One Silver Bass, and Crispy Grilled Fish

Two mushrooms that are fried

Two lettuce, one salad dressing; lettuce special

Two Game Meats on a Sizzling Plate

Two-grain whole-grain bread


Recipes for unusual foods in Tower of Fantasy

Breakfast cereal: Two Homi Grain, Two Milk Beet Soup: Two Beetroot Black Moss Soup: Two Black Moss, Two Lettuce

Crispy Chicken Burger with One Homi Grain, One Leaf of Lettuce, and One Piece of Chicken Meat

Dandelion One dandelion seed, two mushrooms eggs, and mushroom soup One chicken egg, two rice firecaps, and fried rice Two firecaps and two lettuces for the mushroom soup

Fries with fried chicken, one potato, two chicken meats, and one salad dressing.


The following dishes are available: Golden Egg and Tomato – Two Poultry Egg, Two Thornmato Grilled Lizard Tail – Two Fleshy Tail Honeyed Fruit Juice – One Carbonated Water, Two Fallen Fruit, One Honey Iced Orchid Surprise – One Carbonated Water, Two Ghost Mushroom, One Milk Meat Bun – One Game Meat, Two Homi Grain Meat and Potato Stew – One Game Meat, One Potato Mushroom

Vegetable Salad: One Thornmato, One Fallen Fruit, One Lettuce, One Salad Dressing

Tower of Fantasy recipes for exotic foods

Two balloon fruits, one salad dressing, and two thornmato make up the balloon fruit salad.

Caviar Potato Balls – One Caviar, Two Potato Caviar Sushi – One Caviar, Two Laver, Two Rice Chocolate Bread – Two Brown Rice, Two Cocoa Beans Barnacle Seafood Pizza – One Barnacle, Two Brown Rice, One Onion Barnacle Stew – Two Barnacle, Four Lettuce Boiled Scallops – Three Lettuce, Two Scallop Caviar


Fruit Cake: One Fallen Fruit, One Homi Grain, One Poultry Egg, Two Strawberry Iced Strawberry Soda; Cocoa Milk: Two Cocoa Beans, Two Honey, One Milk; Eel and Mushroom Soup: One Electric Eel, Two Firecap; Fiddlehead Pie: Two Brown Rice, Two Fiddlehead; Fiddlehead Soup: Two Fiddlehead; Four Lettuce; Firedragon Fruit Tea: Two Firedragon Fruit; Firedragon Fruit – One Coca-Cola Beans, Two Milk, One Pinecone Roast Rump – One Carbonated Water, Two Honey, Two Strawberry Jam on Toast – Three Homi Grain, One Small Blueberry Jar, One Strawberry Pine Cocoa – Two Rear Hock Sea Crab Soup – Two Hermit Crab, Four Mushroom Seafood Soup – Three Conch, One Lettuce, Two Scallops

One Broccoli, One Lettuce, One Poultry Egg, One Salad Dressing; Simple Power Salad Thornmato just

Rear Hock Spicy Eel – One Electric Eel Snow Azalea Tea – Two Honey, One Milk, One Snow Azalea Spicy Burger – Three Homi Grain, One Lettuce, Two

Steamed Crab – Two Lettuce, Two Portunid Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin – Two Egg, Two Sea Urchin Sweet Pomegranate Juice – One Carbonated Water, Two Honey, Two Phosphogranate Thundercloud Blueberry Soda – One Carbonated Water, Two Honey, One Small Blueberry Jar Steamed Crab – Two Egg, Two Sea Urchin

Egg and Tomato Fried Vegetable Salad: One Fallen Fruit, One Lettuce, One Salad Dressing, One Thornmato Pasta: Three Homi Grain, One Poultry Egg, Four Thornmato


Recipes for super-rare foods in Tower of Fantasy