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CDC has released new guidance This was a COVID emergency

CDC gives guidance for epidemiology beyond COVID



Vaccination and booster delivery is necessary, said public health expert Julia Raifman of Boston University to Yahoo News. To prevent widespread harm to health, overflowing hospitals, and work and school disruptions, she also called for “data-driven surge policies that turn on mask mandates early in bad surges.”

Late last month, Los Angeles County almost reinstated its mask requirement, but ultimately decided against doing so.

Although the White House did not respond to Yahoo News’ request for comment, Biden’s own experience with the coronavirus has been cited as evidence that vaccination and treatment can easily mitigate the disease’s effects. And they’ve noted that the constantly adapting pathogen isn’t likely to go away entirely, as some had hoped. The optimism has since been exposed as nave.

White House pandemic response team coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha said at a briefing last month, “This virus is going to be with us forever.”

The new regulations are being implemented just as students and many white-collar workers are getting ready to go back to class and work. In the meantime, restaurants, bars, and stadiums are all at capacity.


‘The goal has to be to minimize disruption to school, work, and other aspects of life,’ Dr. Leana Wen, former commissioner of Baltimore’s public health, told Yahoo News in an email. “It also recognizes that different people have different levels of risk and risk tolerance and the need to be able to choose mitigation measures accordingly.”