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Carvana is in hot water in Florida over title delays

Carvana is in hot water in Florida over title delays



Online car-buying services may be becoming less accessible in Florida. Carvana was the subject of complaints from the state’s DHMV, which was frustrated by the company’s slow processing of vehicle titles.

Find Out the Latest Information About That Brand (Like Cadillac) Through Research According to Channel 8, the state has lodged two complaints, one with 25 counts and another with eight. Florida authorities have accused Carvana of violating the state’s 30-day deadline for transferring titles. Channel 8 reports that one customer had to wait 253 days to receive their title after waiting more than 100 days. Florida has threatened to revoke Carvana’s dealer license in the state if the company does not respond within 21 days. A settlement against Carvana could reach $33,000 ($1,000 per count).

Florida is no stranger to trouble for Carvana. A deadline to transfer overdue titles was issued by the state a few months ago, but it was eventually rescinded after Carvana worked through some of its backlog. The state of Illinois has taken similar, though more severe, measures against the corporation. Carvana was again prohibited from selling vehicles in the state of California in July after the authorities found the company had violated regulations by using temporary tags issued from another state illegally and delaying the delivery of titles. Such a measure was taken after a month of dealing with a problem of a similar nature.

It’s hard to overstate the value of having a car shipped directly to your house, but the pain of bad service will stick around long after the novelty of your new ride has worn off. On Consumer Affairs, it appears that reviews of the company are roughly evenly divided between five and one star, with a few reviews falling somewhere in the middle. The majority of the negative comments are about the length of time it takes to transfer ownership and other administrative issues, but there are also a number of complaints about vehicles being damaged or misrepresented, as well as delivery delays. It seems the company has responded to some of the complaints; some customers say they have been reimbursed financially for cleaning or fixing the product. Although Carvana has made progress in addressing the title delays, the issue persists.

Issues with title delays have gotten Carvana in trouble in Florida. published initially in Autoblog on August 15, 2022, 14:53:00 EDT. Feed usage is subject to our terms and conditions.