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California’s trainer was arrested from multiple counts of sexual abuse

A youth coach and trainer in California was charged with sexual assault of a minor.



A California youth coach and trainer was detained on numerous counts of sexually assaulting a juvenile on Thursday in Bakersfield, California.

The 37-year-old Christopher Flores was the subject of an investigation, according to the Santa Ana, California, police department, after two of his alleged victims reported being assaulted.

Flores’ bond has been set at $500,000. She is still being detained at the Orange County Jail. His subsequent court date is August 15.

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Flores worked as a coach and trainer at the nearby Orange-based STARS Preparatory Academy, which bills itself as offering “high sports performance training for middle-school players.” Working with collegiate and professional football players is another specialty of Flores’.


Authorities claim that on August 5, a 14-year-old girl enrolled in the STARS Preparatory Academy told them that Flores had sexually attacked her throughout 2021, bringing the assault allegations to their attention.

When Flores invited the girl out on a date and inquired as to whether she “erased everything,” the girl took a video of their chat. Authorities suspect Flores asked the victim to remove text communications between them, according to the Santa Ana Police Department’s news release.

Then, a 15-year-old girl who claimed to be a second victim and that Flores had assaulted her in August was brought to the attention of the police. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California is looking into the situation.

Additionally, according to Santa Ana police, Flores may have assaulted additional individuals.

According to ESPN, former NFL player Jason David and Flores co-founded Rising STARS in 2017. Jason David started at cornerback in the Indianapolis Colts’ Super Bowl 41 victory against the Chicago Bears.


On social media, David commented on the matter and stated that he supports the victims and will help with any investigations.

David stated, “Never in a million years would I ever fathom making a public statement in response to claims of sexual misbehavior involving Mr. Flores and our innocent young girls. “I feel nauseous to the core. I’m repulsed. I’m furious.

“I applaud the young women who are standing up or who are considering speaking up. You guys have guts. I support you all and just ask that justice be done.

Originally published on USA TODAY, this article says: Multiple counts of child sexual abuse result in the arrest of a California trainer