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Biden counters Democrats’ elite image with his special interest message

The White House is appealing to working-class and lower-income voters before November’s midterm elections. They are using President Joe Biden, who opposes special interests, as an opponent of the Rep



In preparation for the midterm elections in November, the White House is highlighting Vice President Joe Biden’s record as an opponent of special interests in order to increase the party’s appeal to voters from working-class and lower-income backgrounds.

Republicans, who have been chipping away at the demographic’s support for Democrats over several election cycles, are skeptical that Vice President Biden and his congressional colleagues can change the public’s perception of them as the party of the “elite” as the economy continues to improve in the wake of the pandemic’s aftermath.

Even as the midterm election picture becomes more unclear, Vice President Biden has been unable to sway Donald Trump.

Pollster David Paleologos claims that working-class and low-income voters traditionally provided a solid base of support for Democratic presidents.

However, Paleologos told the Washington Examiner, “the wobbly economy is hitting this segment hard, resulting in a significant change in purchasing habits this year.”


A poll conducted by Suffolk University’s Political Research Center 100 days before the midterm elections found that 70% of voters with household incomes of less than $50,000 per year were eating out less frequently, while 60% were buying fewer groceries and driving less frequently.

“When the quality of your life declines that fast through no fault of your own, someone is going to pay at the ballot box,” he said, adding that this trend was also visible among respondents who did not complete postsecondary education.

There have been a string of legislative victories for the president, and now the White House is putting an emphasis on Vice President Biden’s battles against special interests. Among these are the bicameral $280 billion CHIPS and Science Act and the veterans-focused PACT Act, as well as the $700 billion Inflation Reduction Act, which the Senate has already approved and the House will vote on this coming Friday. In addition, the national average gas price is under $4 per gallon, the job market is robust, and al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri was killed in a targeted drone strike in Afghanistan.

At the same time, a meeting to brief high-ranking administration officials on the change was set for around 90 days before the 2022 elections. While Democrats know it will be tough to keep the House, their chances of keeping the Senate have improved. A lot of the working-class and lower-income voters in states with competitive seats, like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, are the ones who will respond to the special interests’ rhetoric. Republicans have been helped by former President Donald Trump, who won Pennsylvania by only 44,000 votes (less than 1 percentage point) and Wisconsin by only 23,000 votes (less than 1 percentage point) in 2016. After four years, Biden won Pennsylvania by 81,000 votes (one point) and Wisconsin by 21,000 (less than one point) to bring the states back to the Democrats’ ledger.

In a memo, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield and senior adviser to the president Anita Dunn said, “During this recess, the White House will drive one clear message to the American people.” They were referring to the administration’s efforts to pass gun reform, an executive action to expand access to abortion, and a spending bill to address climate change and improve access to healthcare. Republicans in Congress “pushed an extreme agenda that costs families at every turn,” as one commentator put it.


A White House aide dismissed the idea that the special interests framework is novel or connected to worries about the Democrats’ standing among middle-class and lower-income voters, despite the publicity.

He referred to the Affordable Care Act by its acronym, saying, “Democrats have been consistently pushing this kind of message and these kinds of policies, including in the way we fought Trump’s attempts to repeal the ACA and his tax plan.”

It’s “President Biden and the Democrats” who are “making these historic wins,” he said. “I think across the board in the Democratic Party, we are emphasizing Republican opposition and how the GOP does not have an agenda that will deliver for the American people.”

After Vice President Biden left for a long weekend in South Carolina and the Consumer Price Index showed an annual increase of 8.5% and a flat month-to-month rate in July, Republicans, including Republican National Committee spokesman Will O’Grady, dismissed the White House’s emphasis.

The vice president is away on vacation while inflation is 8.5% and the economy is contracting, he said. He is so far removed from the average American that he could never connect with them.


A second Republican aide argued that the allegations that Biden meddled in his son Hunter’s business while serving as vice president disprove the Democrats’ claim that they are opposed to special interests.


According to her, “Biden is underwater with minorities who make up a lot of the working class,” and the economy is the most pressing concern of Hispanics and other minorities. It’s so out of touch with what Americans are feeling when Vice President Biden says inflation is 0% or the economy is great while on vacation.

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Biden pushes a message to special interests to combat the Democrats’ image as being elitist.