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Ben Simmons, the 76ers, agreed on a settlement to a grievance over their withheld contract pay

76ers reportedly agreed to terms on a settlement for players who were sharing earnings with Ben Simmons



ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski confirms that Ben Simmons and the 76ers have resolved their dispute over 2021-22 salary.

In April, Simmons and the NBA Players Association lodged a complaint against the 76ers for withholding his compensation for missing games and practices prior to his trade to the Nets.

“Both sides initiated an arbitration process, but reached a settlement agreement prior to judgment,” as reported by Wojnarowski.

Simmons and the NBPA filed a complaint against the 76ers; what was the reason and how much was agreed upon in the settlement? Both of your inquiries have been answered by the Sporting News.

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Is there a specific reason for Ben Simmons’s complaint against the 76ers?

Simmons has filed a grievance against the 76ers in which he challenges the team’s decision to withhold around $20 million in pay from him for missing 2021-22 season games and practices.

Simmons’ mental health, he said, was the reason he didn’t engage in team activities like practices and games, but the 76ers said he was in breach of contract because he didn’t.

Simmons “disagree[d]” with the team’s and its doctors’ ability to “detect” and “confirm” his mental health. Even though the two sides attempted to settle the dispute outside of arbitration, Wojnarowski claims that their conversations broke down and the grievance was filed as a result.

Fortunately, the parties were able to settle their differences in advance of the arbitration hearing.


In what way did Ben Simmons and the 76ers come to an agreement?

When asked about the terms of the settlement, Wojnarowski said, “Both sides agreed to confidentiality on the specific financial settlement achieved.”

In April, Simmons filed a complaint demanding “approximately $20 million,” but it is unclear how much of that sum was actually retained.

The fact that Simmons received his full pay from Brooklyn from the time of the trade to the end of the playoffs, while not playing a single game, is noteworthy even if it has nothing to do with the grievance settlement.

Simmons was projected to make $33.2 million between 2020-21 and 2021-22.


He earned $10,878,881 (27/82x33M) for playing in 27 of the Nets’ 82 regular season games. In addition, the NBA’s jointly stipulated postseason pool of money entitles him to an additional $23,169 for Brooklyn’s first round playoff berth.

Simmons is in the midst of the final season of a five-year, $170 million max contract he signed during the 2019 summer. There are still three years left on the contract before he can become a free agent in the summer of 2025.