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‘Artist uses her flawless carving skills to make a soap bar ‘BLOOM”

Precision and neatness are undoubtedly the strong suits of Ayako Toho, as indicated in this captivating video. This awe-inducing footage shows Ayako unleashing her creativity on a bar of soap. She dedicates her time to engraving an ethereal pattern on said bar, thus making it look good instead of just smelling good. “Watch me carving a soap using a technique that happens to be a traditional Thai craft,” the filmer said. “I carve flowers on soap using only a knife.” This impressive montage was filmed on March 17, 2022. Name: Ayako Toho Location: Yokohama, Japan



“Artist creates a soap bar called “BLOOM” using her impeccable carving talents.”

Time spent: 00:56

This fascinating movie clearly demonstrates Ayako Toho’s strengths, which include accuracy and neatness. This mind-blowing video shows Ayako letting her imagination loose on a bar of soap. She spends her time carving an ethereal pattern onto the bar, giving it a nice appearance in addition to its pleasant aroma. The filmer added, “Watch me carve a soap using a method that just so happens to be a traditional Thai skill.” “I exclusively use a knife to carve flowers on soap.” On March 17, 2022, this stunning montage was captured on camera. Call sign: Ayako Toho Japan’s Yokohama is the scene.