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Anti-abortion supporters failed to obtain a record number of signatures in Kansas, according to organizer

In February, long before organizers in Kansas had made the hundreds of thousands of calls, knocked on the tens of thousands of doors; or did the thousands of media interviews needed to win a monumental race against an anti-abortion amendment, they started having parties. Sometimes they were small parties: parties where tea and cookies were handed out, and people sat in living rooms getting to know one another. Other times, they sat around a…



are not frequently put to a public vote. Voters are unfamiliar with the procedure. They might not be familiar with the language. We therefore anticipate the spread of false information to continue.

She claims that in Montana, misinformation has already started because “medical treatment of fetuses” is mentioned on the ballot. Legislators in Colorado, meantime, are attempting to ban abortion through a ballot initiative for the fourth time after failing three times.

It’s important to keep reminding people that these constitutional modifications would probably establish a clear ban on the right to an abortion, she says.

However, the Kansas victory may have been a much-needed boost for the pro-choice movement and the supreme court ruling could have provided a little window of opportunity for extending access to abortion care, according to Guttmacher’s Nash.

“Lawmakers were quite fired up. They recently seen how the Dobbs ruling destroyed abortion rights all around the nation. However, a large group of people are now approaching them and stating, “Actually, we want abortion to be legal.” So they are stuck,” she continues, “between a rock and a hard place.


In the end, Fowler believes that bringing the issue of abortion up for a direct vote will benefit the pro-choice cause more than relying on lawmakers, representatives, and courts to make decisions on their behalf.

“I have worked on numerous pieces of legislation when the government really declines to adopt laws, such as paid family leave for workers and interest rate limitations on payday lending. And lastly, we had to put legislation on the ballot, which we were able to pass with wide margins,” she adds.

The problem is that our elected representatives don’t always speak for us.