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All elements in Tower of Fantasy and how they work

Have at least one weapon of each element!



A variety of weapons can be obtained through the game’s gacha banners, which are a staple of the Tower of Fantasy experience. One of the four elements will be present in each weapon you acquire. Every component contributes something unique, and they all come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here is everything you need to know about every aspect of the game to be a boss-killing machine or an unstoppable force in Tower of Fantasy’s PvP mode.

Explanation of every part and how it fits into the Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy features four different elements: fire, wrath, ice, and electricity. Since each foe has its own unique weakness, it’s best to be prepared with at least one Weapon from each element.


When facing an opponent who constantly heals themselves, the Fire element can be a lifesaver. Your next attack, after charging the weapon, will set them ablaze, dealing temporary burn damage. This will cut their healing rate in half as well. Thornvines, which can be found all over the world, can be burned with a fire weapon to yield useful items.



When fully charged, a Grievous weapon will inflict the grievous debuff on the target for a brief period of time and deal additional damage with its next attack. Extra harm is dealt to enemies who are particularly heinous. This piece of equipment is fantastic for using against enemies with heavy armor.


Once the weapon’s charge is full, it can temporarily freeze an opponent. More damage is done when the freeze finally breaks. The enemy will also take a significant amount of time with the frostbitten debuff applied to them. The enemy’s ability to charge weapons is significantly hampered while frostbitten. In PvP, where you’ll be facing off against other players who put a premium on charging up their weapons, having access to an Ice weapon would be a huge advantage.



After fully charging a Volt weapon, your next attack will temporarily paralyze and then electrify the target. The enemy’s current buffs will be removed, and the attack will deal extra damage. When an enemy is electrified, they become immune to all buffs for a short time. This is a fantastic element in general, as it renders the enemy extremely defenseless against your attacks for a brief period of time (a few seconds).