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Alicia Silverstone Is Total Greek Goddess Vibes With Epic Abs In A Bikini Pic

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Recently, Alicia Silverstone shared an Instagram picture of herself posing in a bikini while on vacation, showing off her long, chiseled legs and washboard abs.

To keep her body moving, the actress enjoys yoga, dancing, and walking.

In order to share her favorite meals with her fans, Alicia maintains a vegan diet and has even written a cookbook.

Dreams are made of Alicia Silverstone’s morning routine. She shared with her Instagram followers that she spends her mornings in Greece wearing a bikini and hanging out with her best buddies.

While relaxing on the yacht, the 45-year-old actress also got busy showing off her super-toned legs and washboard abs in a bikini. She is undoubtedly enjoying her life.


This is how Greeks begin their mornings, wrote Alicia in the caption of the picture.

Fans were also quick to share their sincere gratitude: One person described her as “an ageless beauty (inside and out) with legs that just won’t quit,” while another person claimed she had “phenomenal toe point queen.” And I must admit, I concur with this.

This wasn’t the only image Alicia posted during her opulent trip. She also shared Instagram postings of breathtaking holiday photos and picturesque Greek landscapes with her fans. Here’s additional proof that she completely shaped her legs:

The Clueless actress takes dancing and yoga courses to keep her body active. She told Bustle that she feels “so pleased” after performing these workouts. She also virtually daily takes her dogs for walks. She said, “It’s excellent to exercise and be outside in the air.”

Alicia consumes only vegan food when it comes to nutrition. According to Bustle, she claimed that switching to this meal plan had left her feeling “so grounded and clear” and had “truly made me realize and appreciate what food does.”


According to Alicia, “When I don’t eat well, I don’t feel good, and then my moods run all over the place.” She consequently focuses a lot of emphasis on her diet, and according to Bustle, she even wrote a cookbook called The Kind Diet and started the vegan vitamin company MyKind Organics.

On her Instagram, she posted some of her favorite vegan foods. I could eat those tacos every day of the week; they were so good.

Thanks, Alicia, for the recipe suggestion!

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