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Alex Rodriguez believes that he will not be allowed to enter into the Hall of Fame because of his mistakes

Rodriguez explains that he was “heartbroken” to learn that San Diego Padres All-Star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. had recieved an 80-game suspension.



Boston Red Sox, former Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez had plenty to say.

For violating Major League Baseball’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs, shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres was suspended for 80 games without pay, which left Rodriguez “heartbroken” before the weekend. After announcing on the broadcast that he has “no regrets, no excuses for my behavior,” A-infamous Rod’s 2014 PED admission led to a 162-game suspension from Major League Baseball.

The former power hitter who many thought would one day be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame has acknowledged that he now realizes he will probably never have a plaque honoring his career in Cooperstown.

“It’s likely that there is no such thing as a Hall of Fame. Due to my own oversight, I doubt that I will ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame. And that breaks my heart, “In accordance with Jesse Pantuosco of Audacy, Rodriguez remarked on. “To have to break the news to my little girls in such a way is devastating. That, however, is my fault. As a result, I have the opportunity to improve my qualities as a friend, a businessman, and most importantly, a father.”

As Pantuosco noted, in January of this year, only 34.3 percent of voters included Rodriguez on their Hall of Fame ballots. To be inducted, a candidate must receive at least 75% of the vote.


Rodriguez was officially ranked fourth on the all-time home run list on Monday, with 696 dingers. Evidently, such statistics won’t persuade some voters that the 47-year-old wasn’t cheating during his prime.

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