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Adele calls the postponement of her Las Vegas residency “the worst moment” in her career

More than six months after Adele announced that she would have to interrupt her Las Vegas residency tour dates, the singer got some perspective on the decision and reflected in a recent video.



Adele is openly discussing her choice to postpone her Las Vegas residency tour dates, more than six months after making the announcement.

The Grammy winner broke the news on social media in January and clarified that preparations for the Weekends Delivery issues and crew members testing positive for COVID-19 were only two of the reasons why Adele’s residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace was canceled at the time.

The singer provided additional insight into the circumstances surrounding the postponement in an Elle cover story that was published on Monday, telling the magazine that “it was the worst point in my career, by far.”

Adele referred to the time as “devastating,” and she added that the originally scheduled performances didn’t match her vision either. There simply wasn’t any soul in it. The stage wasn’t put up properly. It lacked intimacy and felt quite far from me and my band. And perhaps I exerted too much effort to provide it with those things in such a regulated setting,” she said.

She continued by saying that the enormous size of the Colosseum stage caused a variety of problems. The planned water feature from the original shows, according to her, “looks wonderful for a couple of songs and then didn’t do anything. It simply existed.


The singer recounted sitting down at the side of the stage during a dress rehearsal the night before she made the revelation, singing a cappella to the vacant seats, and realizing what was missing. She recalls thinking, “This would be the best part of the show,” stating that she preferred closeness and connection with the audience to a spectacle-style performance.

The singer admitted that she felt “embarrassed” after announcing the delay, but was confident that it was the right call: “The first few months were terribly, really difficult. I felt ashamed. But because it was such a courageous thing to undertake, it actually helped me feel more confident in myself. And not many individuals, in my opinion, would have acted as I did. I’m proud of myself for defending my needs as an artist.

The singer’s fourth studio album, 30 (which was released shortly after the residency’s initial announcement), was released. The singer “went into hiding” and ceased actively marketing her new album after her unexpected announcement drew some criticism. She explained, “I didn’t want people to believe I [wasn’t] trying my best. Then I was.

The new Adele tour dates, which stretch from November 18, 2022, to March 25, 2023, were announced last month. Eight more concerts were added in addition to the 24 shows that were rescheduled.

The performer teases that the new program will be more personal and follow her professional experience. “I wish to share my career’s journey from its origins to the present. I won’t say too much about it, but the show gets better. The show advances. Everything revolves around the music, and it’s quite nostalgic. It’s going to be extremely lovely, she assured.


She clarified that the residency has come at the ideal time in her life and career: “I believe it is appropriate for me to act now. I am aware that I am not, say, 60 years old and that I have not released 20 albums. But I believe that a show in Vegas will benefit from my songs.

She added that the residency will be the first opportunity she has to listen to her most recent record “in the world.” It will be really emotional. I have no idea what to do with myself.

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