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Actress Denise Richards talks about her divorce from actor Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards reflects on how it went from a positive relationship to a difficult one.



Denise Richards is opening up about her split from Charlie Sheen.

On the August 10 episode of Dear Media’s Divorced Not Dead podcast, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star discussed her highly publicized split from the Two and a Half Men actor, which occurred in 2005 when she was six months pregnant with their second child. Denise recalled that there were “many factors” that contributed to the dissolution of her marriage, calling their breakup “tough.”

“The behind-the-scenes stuff was considerably worse than what was out there,” she said, adding that despite their outward displays of solidarity, they were not happy at home. This was a terrible situation.”

Denise broke up with Charlie, the father of her 18-year-old daughter Sami and her 17-year-old daughter Lola, when she asked herself, “Would I want my children to be married to this man?”

She said, “No offense to him, but I think he would take it and understand what I’m saying. It was extremely poisonous.


Family Photos by Denise Richards

They have a rocky relationship, but the actress says she doesn’t regret marrying Charlie since “he and I were brought together to have our girls.”

Denise said that when Lola was born, she and Michael reconnected “for a very brief time,” but that it simply solidified her resolve to dissolve the marriage. She added that the experience gave her confidence that she would be able to tell her daughters that she had done everything in her power to keep the family together. “The guiltiest I’ve ever felt was when I had to choose between my family members. For a long time, I couldn’t figure that out.”

She continued, “Much occurs behind closed doors that the general public is unaware of. The circumstances were really undesirable.”

Charlie’s representative was contacted by E! News but declined to respond.


Eloise was adopted by Denise in 2011, after she and her husband had divorced. The holistic medicine expert Aaron Phypers became her spouse in 2018.

Wild Things star says she and Charlie are in a better place than they were when they were married but their relationship has “grown” through the years despite their failed marriage. She affirmed, “Charlie does know he can call me at any moment, whatsoever,” adding that this remains true to this day. Whatever he says or does, I will be there for our girls because I have always and will always want him to be the greatest dad he can be.

After Denise confronted Charlie about disapproving of their daughter Sami’s OnlyFans account earlier this year, Charlie said that his ex “had revealed a variety of key aspects, that in my rush, I disregarded and dismissed.”

“As Sami sets off on her new adventure, it is more important than ever that she have a united parental front to rely on,” he said. For the rest of her life, she will have it in spades.

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