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A Russian company unveiled its new rocket-launching robot dog that can balance itself on a high swing

On Monday, Russian engineers debuted a robot dog at an arms conference in Moscow.



According to Russian media outlets, Russian engineers have introduced a robotic dog that can carry and fire weapons.

The robot made its debut on the first day of Russia’s Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum, a weapons convention that runs all week. Russia’s war with Ukraine has been going on for nearly six months as the arms conference takes place.

State-owned news agency RIA Novosti posted a video online in which the robot walks around on four legs, seemingly in a conference room. The robot can pivot in any direction thanks to its flexible legs, which also allow it to move forward and backward. The robot’s legs can bring it to the ground, making it look like it’s lying down.

A video posted by RIA Novosti on Telegram was shared on Twitter by user Rob Lee.

Army 2022 defense expo video of the M-81 robot-dog equipped with an RPG-26. Author: Rob Lee (@RALee85) Sunday, August 15th, 2022


Engineers working on the robot told a Russian news agency that it can be used in both civilian and military settings. The spokesperson claimed that it could move or fire weapons, move around to deliver medicine to war-torn areas, and conduct environmental surveys. Vice cited an English translation of a post by RIA Novosti on Telegram, which stated that the robot “can be engaged in target designation, patrolling, and security.”

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the domestic and international delegates in attendance at the conference’s opening ceremony. In his speech, he framed the conference as an opportunity for foreign military experts to learn about Russia’s latest technological advancements in the field of military hardware.

Putin made a general statement about tools that “will shape ‘tomorrow’ of our armed forces,” but he did not mention the robot dog or any other equipment by name.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that “high-precision weapons and robotics, combat systems based on new physical principles” are on the table. Some are decades ahead of their foreign counterparts, but all of them are vastly superior to them in terms of tactics and technology.

The robot dog displayed at the Army 2022 conference in Moscow is not the first canine-like piece of military hardware to make an appearance. According to, an American military organization, the Portland Air National Guard, was recently given a four-legged robot for use in security and surveillance.


In January of this year, a robot dog named SPOT was donated to the Florida Police Department. SPOT could be used “in extraordinary situations that involve a threat to human life and/or risk for First Responders,” police said.

When Newsweek reached out to the U.S. Department of Defense for comment on Monday, a spokesperson for the agency declined.

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