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10 interesting facts about cats

10 Weird Facts About Cats. In honor of International Cat Day, here are ten weird things you might not have known about your feline friends.



Listed below are ten of the most bizarre things ever discovered about cats.

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Here Are Ten Bizarre Actualities Concerning Felines. In celebration of International Cat Day, we present the top ten strangest facts about cats. A genetic defect prevents cats from developing the ability to taste sweetness. Two, the purring of a house cat has a frequency that is ideal for increasing bone density and possibly mending fractures: 25 to 150 hertz. Although images of cats lapped up from saucers of milk are common, most felines are actually lactose intolerant. Compared to dogs, cats have twice as many neurons in their brains (300 million). Normally, a healthy cat can leap approximately 8 feet, or nearly six times its body length. In fact, a cat’s sense of smell is 14 times more acute than a human’s, with over 200 million odor sensors. 7, A clowder is the common name for a group of cats. Cats’ ears can rotate 180 degrees because of the 32 muscles that control this movement. As a rule of thumb, male cats favor their left paw, while females favor their right paw. 10, Cats spend about 70 percent of their lives sleeping, between 12 and 16 hours a day on average.